Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Last few days of sale…

Last few days of the stealth sale, 15% off everything until the end of the month, no more reminders, just get on it! Type 'swell' into the voucher box at checkout. Next sale will be January… maybe… possibly… or February depends on how things go, you know if we have a major rush before Christmas, might be Feb, we'll let you know, over and out.

Lil' Piggy

Have been super lucky to have the loan of a Michel Junod Pignar (much thanks Mr I). I was quietly sceptical when I pulled it out of the bag, although it is decorated with some awe inspiring art by T Moe, it seemed pretty old school in terms of it's shaping. Now I'm no brilliant snake hipped, surf stylist but I was pleasantly surprised how *user friendly it was, only tried it in knee high snappers so far but paddles really well, catches waves so easily and turns great, stable and holds with a big old D. All contrary to what I had expected on first impression, Michel knows his onions, no doubt about that.

Need a few more sessions to get a better idea in some bigger stuff, hell, who knows I might even get near the nose :)

I wish boards weren't so bloody tempting… get under your skin they do, might have to get myself one from Michel, better start saving.

*Sorry couldn't think of a more 'rad' expression, pitiful I know.

Half term hoardes

Seems to get busier and busier during half term in October, nearly as crowded as August bank holiday, in the water at least. Great to see so many people having fun in the water, no really it is.

October wave count has been disappointing so far, makes September seem epic. Let's hope we have some more fun ones soon.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Gul Viper Boots…

The main reason for a trip to Gul was to pick up some new booties, great looking product I have to say, let's see how they perform over the winter. Signs look good, I recon we should support our local business's in these tough times, not through charity but because they do produce some great gear. Their new suits look the business too.

Fluid Juice…

Had a nosey around the Gul HQ foyer this morning, some real slices of UK surf history in there. Love this Fluid Juice board and particularly the graphics, remind me of the back of my maths book circa 1978.
Simpler times, and no worse for it. Pop in if you are in the Bodmin area, sure they won't mind.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lost wave syndrome…

Do you ever think about all those no so quite perfect waves you let roll past waiting for something with a better shape or breaking a particular way? Well I'm finding myself doing that a lot this past week, if only I could rewind and ride a few, I'd be happy to ride a few less than perfect ones right about now, seriously I would…

Come on, let's have some WAVES please. :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wasn't September great…

This was the 3rd September at Polzeath, come on October more of the same please…

Glynn Valley

Not sure how many of you guys travel the A38 to get to the breaks of Cornwall, but you might start to notice that the Glynn Valley (From Dobwalls to Bodmin) is changing. The sad fact is one of the prettiest Valleys in the South West is being devastated by a tree disease called Phytophthora Ramorum, the forestry plantations are all being felled as the disease spreads, and soon there will be very little wood left.

Obviously the main softwood plantations are a crop and would be felled sooner or later, but that usually happens slowly with a programme of re-planting. Now everything has to go and nothing will be replanted anytime soon. The disease is also spreading into the native species and killing them.

The effect on the valley is horrendous, both aesthetically and environmentally, hard to tell as yet how it will affect the Fowey and all the wildlife. Sad times.

The even more worrying thing is that this disease is spreading up country through Devon and into Somerset, could be worse than Dutch Elm in many ways.

So say a prayer when you are driving up the Valley.

More info on the Disease


We have been having some amazing weather this week, almost better than the so called Summer, mind you that wouldn't be that difficult would it. A great weekend of surf was had and looks like a pulse of swell Thursday followed by a big nothing… oh well.

Don't forget 15% off everything this month, just type 'swell' into the coupon box at checkout, and yes I am seeing the irony of choosing that code.

Still amazed at the quality of the iPhone images having looked back at the Satio ones, who needs a P&S?, okay so not much cop when you use the zoom but as a walk around it's pretty perfect, just wish old Jobs'worth would unlock the ability to send files via Bluetooth.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Kassia Hearts…

Kassia Meador's new fin from Captain Fin Co. super talented lady…

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

15 big % offage in October…

Yes that is right, must be mad, 15% whole percent off everything including the sale stuff, time to get some early Christmas prezzies. Everything back to full price end of the month. Get on it…

Sunday, 3 October 2010

ETL, ELT? Whatever it's called…

Went down to Watergate yesterday to watch the European Longboard Tour, some great skills on show for sure (if you could see that is). I always wonder however who these events are for, there never seem to be that many spectators, people on the beach or in the sea are often oblivious, I guess it's all about the sponsors getting their guys in the mags.

Good fun though and nice to bump into a few old friends.

Sorry didn't look at the results… ;)

Gimme some skin dawg…

Hmmm excuse the awful pun, seemed hilarious at the time, honest.