Friday, 30 April 2010

Jumble Jumble Jumble

Forget ye not. Jumble in St Merryn tomorrow… Saturday that is.

I've got lot's of new fins which will be at bargain prices along with some giveaways, leashes and some art too. Come along and have a cuppa and a chat.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Baywatch towers

I don't really surf Fistral but went to have a look today see what was what wave wise. Have you seen the new Lifeguards 'hut'?

Well got me thinking what an opportunity it is to get some real facilities on the beach for us water users. I'm hoping they have a bunch of showers out the front, a clean toilet or three, changing facilities?

Considering what revenue we bring to the county it would be nice to know someone finally puts some thought into what we need rather than just mugging us for parking money.

What are the chances do you think?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mr Surfy

Oh yes that's what we like, a nice pancake or bacon butty after a good old paddle. Steve is going to be at New Polzeath whenever he can, especially when there is surf. Pop along and get yourself some fine fare, it's all free range and wot not too. If he's shut up he's in the water :)

Don't forget its Jumble time at St Merryn this Saturday, come on down, freebies, art, fins, bargains… if you want a fin from the site to pick up just drop us an email. See you there!

Friday, 23 April 2010

St George

Happy St G's for all you English folk…

Really nice to see two happy campers pick up some fins today, thanks James and Heidi, great to share the stoke.

Devon Lanes and Longboards

A new film is just out on DVD and premiered at the Bristol Surf Show this weekend.
You can check out the trailer and buy it here.
It's all for a good cause so get on it.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Frye in my Soup

Hey Mum there's some'fin in my soup…

Think I'm losing it, seemed funny at the time… can you tell it's flat?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Springtime surf jumble…

Should be a hoot, we'll be there with many a bargain. If you want to save the postage on a fin let me know and I can bring it along. Might have a few giveaways and some exciting Art, see you there.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sacred Craft: Royalty

I tried to explain to a non-surfer what the attraction of Sacred Craft was, with him being a golfer I explained that is was like going to a party where Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods were wandering around just waiting to have a chat with mere mortals like you and I. 'Oh I see' he said 'Cool!'. Yes Cool indeed, some of the nicest blokes you could hope to meet… Renny, Robert and Gerry, made my day/week/trip.

Sacred Craft: Zeph Carrigg

Zeph has left Bing now and launched his new company at Sacred Craft. Board Design will still make some of the older shapes thankfully, I'm still saving for an IsIs. Zephs such a nice guy to deal with and I recommend anyone to get hold of one of his boards or pieces of art. Mind you his boards are so amazing they are Art!

Had a brief chat to the talented Worm on his stand too, sure is a small world this blogosphere.

Sacred Craft: Tanner Prairie

TLP is one of a new up and coming crew of shapers, and has to have the best name going. Should be interesting to see what he develops over the coming years. Let's hope he gets himself a mask though. His website is coming soon,

Loved his jodphur style jeans. And it wasn't a totally nude shaping day btw.

Sacred Craft: Jeff Clarke

I guess you might have seen the recent foootage of Mavericks and the carnage that ensued beachside? Well this man rode that wave for years by himself, insane. Real nice guy, pop into his shop and say 'hi' if you are in Half Moon Bay.

I see a Ship…

Another of no doubt a plethora of photos to come from a recent Stateside trip. A couple of water craft doing what they do best. Poles apart but both pretty cool no?

Friday, 16 April 2010

Sacred Craft: Michel Junod

Went to Sacred Craft last weekend. Well worth a visit if you happen to find yourself Stateside. Loads to see and boards to lust after. Shaping booths, Surf legends, Quizzes, Art and Hotdogs, what more could you ask for.

Great to see Michel Junod shaping, he and Jodie have to be some of the nicest people I have ever met, you must check out his boards if you haven't already.

Saw loads of great new fins too, which should start coming in over the next few months, almost forgot that was why I was there!

Thanks to Zeph, Gerry, Michel & Jodie, Richard, Jeff, Steve, Gene, Robert, Larry, Worm, Gnar (almost), Sarah and her Dad and everyone else who made it such a great great day.


I'll post a selection of shots from California over the next few days (or weeks which is more likely). Just liked this one for some reason, sums up a lot about California, often playful waves surfed after work in the evening sun. Love it.

The Californias

Just back from California… what a trip, what with BA conspiring to not get us there, the 7.2 earthquake when we were there, and then the volcano almost stranding us there, worlds a crazy place. If you have never experienced a big earthquake it's something to behold, not sure I'd like to again, very weird and a little scary.

Surf was well overhead on the sets when we arrived and this guy was ripping. Powerful waves are something to behold too, I got well and truly battered on a few, makes our swells seem quite pissy. Great to be in the sunshine too, roll on Summer.