Thursday, 29 October 2009

Postal Strike UK

The strikes seem to be continuing here in the UK. We normally ship our goods 1st Class 'Signed for' which means we can track all our parcels. If you are worried about delivery feel free to contact us via email contact at finshack dot com and we can arrange your delivery to suit you, probably best for us to post to you outside strike days if that works for you. Thanks for your continued patience.

New Stock - Nine Plus Fins

Some great new fins from Nine Plus in today (should be up on the site later) superb floral inlays, really need to be seen to be appreciated. Very limited numbers though. Also Retro and Magic Carpet fins back in stock. Perfect for Christmas!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Relative viscosity

Could look at images of waves all day really. Reminded me of a conversation I was having about the Pacific water compared to the Atlantic. Really seemed 'different' in California, maybe saltier, thicker, who knows, but curiously different. Anyone got an answer? Guess you could put it down to lineup loony'ness.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Back to Blighty

Enough of all this California malarky. Cornwall has been pumping this last week or so, pity things have been surfless for me due to some broken ribs. Pretty painful, especially as I have a new board never having been riden waiting in the garage.

Coming through…

Forget the 'drop in' rule, biggest wins! I love the 'Bu and this really sums it up for me, a super fun wave with everyone getting on with it, party time!

Surf Only

I'm all for an 'open' water policy but Malibu is a car crash at the best of times, they really should consider adding sweeping to the list ;)

The Smiths

Picked up this great Fin from Mason at Captain Fin and am super stoked. I really should get it up on the site and sell it for big bucks but I really can't. No more being produced and being a Manc I really have to keep it, sorry folks. :)


What more can I say…

Monday, 26 October 2009

I see…

…a little silhouette, Chris and a small piece of history.

Takashi san いるところ ?

Dude where are you? Remember you said you would send those pics? Anyway here's one of you looking suitably contemplative, great day at the Canyon eh! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.

Got them! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.

Taylor Nelson

Really great to see future stars ripping it up at the 'Bu. Nine Plus rider Taylor was an inspiration to us old farts.

Red and Green

I know it's more like red and aqua but this G&S log is real purdy… nothing like a glassed on fin.

Free as a Bird

I know I'm rambling but the sight of wildlife enjoying the surf really floats my boat. Especially Pelicans. I love 'em. Not sure what bird this was, I know it's not a Pelican, but I liked the picture.

Unknown Logger

Our recent trip to California, mainly organised to coincide with Sacred Craft , was inspirational on many levels, particularly the standard of surf on show from Ventura to Tourmaline. Mazin.

Captains Helm

Possibly one of the best shops in California, the womb of Captain Fin Co. with Mason at the helm. Make it a destination on any California trip, just buy the fins from us though!

Master Shaper

Someone was as pleased as a small boy getting a Chopper for Christmas. Our great friend Nick picking up his Eagle on our recent trip to California. Pink perfection.