Thursday, 31 March 2011

European Fish Fry 2011

Be there…


Come on we are waiting… warm up now…

Monday, 28 March 2011

Photo JoJo

Got myself a Telephoto lens for my iPhone, bit of fun but I'm sure will be the lofi choice of auteur photographers in about 20 years time… this was taken from the cliff at low tide. 
You get a lens, tripod and iPhone cover all for $30'ish.

We have had dense fog and bright sun this week, some stormy weather on the way. Tried my 3/2 over the last few days, still too bloody cold, dumped the hood and gloves though, won't be too long till it gets warmer, please?! Get some whilst you can…

Luxury Skip (not a Frye)…

Luxury for sale at PZ… spotted by Mr Surfy. Don't forget to support your local surfer/pancake maker from next week far superior to any other vendors in the locale.

Friday, 25 March 2011

What happened to the fog horns?

A week of fog and sea mist down here, spooky surf on Monday, 4-5ft glassy with 50yd visibility, not clever really and slightly disconcerting to say the least. Still fun though.

New website on track and should be launched in a few weeks, assuming my real day job doesn't get in the way, should be good, easier to use and bit more informative. That's the plan…

Should have mentioned this ages ago but we are happy, ney proud to help along a few great loggers down here with a few bits of finnage, big thanks to James, Matt and Josh, good luck this year with everything… you can follow their progress on their blogs, see the links bar >>

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Hope you have been getting some clean swell where you are… been okay'ish around these parts if you picked your moment carefully.

Soon be time for the 'Season' to start whatever that means, new website will be online by the end of the month, there I've said it so better pull the proverbial finger out, lots of new stock coming too.

Please find time to donate to our friends in Japan at this horrendous time…

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Spring sprung?

Finally starting to see some signs things are warming up around here, daffodils in the hedgerows maybe a hoodless surfer and a bit of sunshine. Seems to have been cold forever.

Had a perfect two days of surf, some overhead action on my fish simmons which was a revelation. Not been used to such speed having been on a log pretty much all Winter, wave faces were a blurrrrr.

New fins on the way from around the world and a new website design in the pipeline.

Photo: Dave's awesome aerial, PZ