Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Log love…

Adrian shaped this for me about 3 or 4 years ago, I haven't ridden it much lately for some reason, anyway took it out again this last week and had a bit of a second honeymoon type thing, really can catch anything and turns pretty sweetly.

Guess it'll be my Summer log, ten feet of yellow peril and 3 1/4'' thick, love is big yella.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Summer lovin'

Holy Moly I'd forgotten what a hot day was like then four turn up all in a row, with some swell too, could get used to this quite easily.

Even surfed with a Dolphin or Porpoise (how do you tell the difference?) at Saunton on Friday, bloody great to see. Few 'whoops' in the line-up.

More please.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New finnage…

Lot's of new finnage on the site, taken a while to get it all loaded up but it's there now in all it's glory, should sell itself really, but consider this as a little plug.

Been working on some Posters too, been madly trying to get things done before the sun and swell arrives in the next few days… hard to imagine today though as it's pi$$ing down.

Hope you all get a few good ones over the coming week!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Snow and Beans

Harry Beans

Not missing those cold days here, loving this vid…

The're coming…

Can't wait, you can almost feel those Summer nights on the horizon. Just hope we will have some of those 'can't sleep it's so hot' moments. Fin'gers crossed.

A few bargain skippers…

Been away in bonny Scotland for the last week, so if you have an order from last week should be with you any day now.

Have a few Skip Frye Flex Fins I found in the 'warehouse' they are all 8.5'' in Blue, Smoke and Yellow. As a bit of a Spring bargain I'm doing these for £40 + p&p. So if you fancy one of these great fins they are on the website in the Sale Room.

Will have a heap of new fins on the site later this week too, lot's of fins from Rainbow, North Shore and 101 Fin Company, people waiting for a Greenough won't be disappointed either.
All ready for instant despatch for that Springtime session.

Don't forget you don't actually need a PayPal account to buy a fin, the payments are just processed through their service and they accept all the normal credit cards, really is easy.

Happy waves.

Friday, 7 May 2010

New stuff…

Have got some great new fins in which I'll put up on the site when I'm back from a little trip to Scotland, some bits from Rainbow including this limited edition 'infinity' which is one of only eleven in the world! Also we will have more GreenO's and even more of the new Skip Frye North Shore collection. May should be a good month for all you fin fiends.

Passed by the Driftwood Gallery in Newquay the other day, have you been upstairs for a root around? Some great surf art hidden away up there, well worth a look if you are in NQY, Revolver is open at the weekend as well now so two good reasons to take a stroll down there.

Hope you are all getting a few quiet dawnies or evening sessions in.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Some bargains were had…

Oh yes another great day at the Jumble, just missed out on this beauty, looking forward to spotting it in a line up near us. Style never goes out of fashion.

Good to see some exciting new developments, Slide 65 looks like they have a great new board range, Robs a great guy so check out his new stuff.

Tim Stafford was there too with some insane fin work on some of his boards, you can check his boards here.

Great to see the Tea in full effect too.

Thanks again to John for a great day.